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Invest With Us

Invest with us.

If you participate in a volatile stock market, have funds earning minimum returns in bonds, or have an IRA retirement account not producing an amount you would like, you may have a better option – investing with us.

After years of experience in acquisition and disposition of real estate assets for our clients, we now offer additional benefits to private moneylenders or investors.

In a multitude of occasions, I made millions for our clients. These opportunities and benefits are now available to our investors as well.

One clarification: I personally don’t invest or partner with any of my listed properties. I believe my clients rely on our expertise for their best benefit. For that reason, I feel it is a conflict of interest to list and invest.

For all other properties (those not listed by me) I am always looking for moneymaking opportunities, either buying, remodeling and selling (flip), new construction, development or value-add


We work with our investors in two different ways:

  • Investors are completely passive and privately lend money for our projects, such loan amounts are secured by the real estate asset and the interest rate is guaranteed and always short term.
  • These transactions are individual and on a case-by-case basis. The investors are not committed to other transactions after the one they are investing.
  • Those investments last in average six months and upon closing, the investors release the lien on the property, collect the principal plus the agreed interest.
  • In many cases, the investors can earn up to 10% annual interest plus their principal.
  • Investors are completely passive and privately lend funds or participate in joint ventures. I locate the asset, underwrite it, remodel, and lease, thereby increasing income and value and dispose it to gain equity from the original value.
  • The investor owns a percentage of the investment. The funds are secured by the asset.
  • The investor collects the principal plus the equity gains at closing

  • Those investments can last from 6 to 18 months depending the asset

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no way I will leave my loyal clients alone; they are the blood of my business. I will continue seeking profitable assets for them, but due to the asset-searching systems we have in place, we can locate assets for our clients and some for our investors.

Very valid question. While it’s true that any business or investment has a risk, in our case it’s a minimum and highly calculated one. Years of experience have placed my name in the top commercial advisors in the country by Remax International. My name is worth a career in real estate which will not be compromised by lack of trust or unethical practices.

About the transaction underwriting, we have the highest standards to validate assets and projected gains and always consider a margin of error in our calculations. So far, we have not lost money on a single transaction (and plan to continue that way)

All our investments are in Texas where it’s easy to place a first-place lien on the property. I cannot sell the property unless that lien is released which protects the investor (lender) including the interest. Upon closing the investor gets paid by the title company or the attorney in charge of closing and the lien released from county records.

In order for everybody to gain a healthy return on investment, minimum participation is 50,000 USD.

This depends the investment amount. Properties can range from single family homes (either flips or new construction) to multi family, retail strips, or even residential lots subdivision developments to industrial warehouses.

Real estate is local. Since I believe knowing the market is essential, I only invest in the areas of San Antonio and Rio Grande Valley (McAllen) TX.

True. It’s not rocket science but since I know the market, sale price, purchase price, invest all my time into these, personally work with contractors, suppliers, vendors, investors and all the networks related to the field, I know how to underwrite the properties and have access to loans for the buyers when I sell. Aside from the time I invest, this places me in a beneficial position that not everybody has. Even if you have the time, you may have to hire a broker to market and sell the property which can easily take a percentage of the proceeds. My system is successful because I provide a turnkey operation to our happy investors who can always come back to keep making money.

No, good profitable properties are obtained on a case by case basis. I can place you in our “investors database” where you will get all details on each property we want to invest on

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